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Westwood Yard (OO)

Westwood Yard was driven by the desire to try and produce a layout to the highest standard that my skills and time would allow. The final design had to be small in order to maximise my chances of actually finishing the project, incorporate an element of audience participation but also allow for extension to provide an opportunity to display a growing collection of sound fitted 1980s diesel locomotives. I settled on a classic 'Inglenook Shunting' layout on the lower level with DC control via a front mounted controller. The higher level line is wired for DCC and will connect to a second board (currently under construction) which will feature a small stabling and refuelling depot.

The Rules of the Game
The shunting puzzle can be operated in two ways depending on the desired difficulty. If five wagons are used then three wagons are selected randomly to form a train in a set order. The 08 or 03 shunting locomotive can then be used to form the train with restrictions applying to the number of wagons allowed in each siding - 2, 2 and 3 with a shunter and 2 wagons in the head shunt. There are 60 possible 3 wagon train combinations possible.

Class 08 shunts wagon H under the high level line into the headshunt.
If eight wagons are used then five wagons are selected randomly to form a train in a set order. The siding restrictions are adjusted to allow in each siding - 3, 3 and 5 with a shunter and 3 wagons in the head shunt. There are 6720 possible 5 wagon train combinations possible!!

Construction is comprised of 9mm plywood base, polystyrene shaped scenery, and code 75 track. Points are controlled from the front via Seep point motors driven through a CDU. Uncoupling is achieved automatically through the use of Kadee couplings with surface mounted magnets. The trees are handmade by the use of clay coated wire and scatter and there is significant use of static grass. The layout is enclosed in a box which incorporates integral lighting.

Overview of three sidings in operation.

Overall presentation as seen at exhibition.

Class 56 on high level DCC line and an example of locomotive power to be stabled on new board currently under contruction.
If you are interested in booking this layout for exhibition then please contact Peter West for further details and infomation.

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